Jon & Company

Jon is born as a son of a farmer in a interior province in South Korea on the year when the Apollo 11th landed on the Moon. His home village was surrounded by mountains, and he grew up wondering what and how it was beyond the mountains.

He moved to a middle school at a district town after graduating from a small elementary school nearby the village about 30 minutes away by walking. He attended a high school at the capital city of the province and finished his bachelor of education courses at a national university at there after accomplishing two and half years’ military service.

He got a teaching job at one of the cities of Metro Seoul, which is the capital city of South Korea. He taught (National) Ethics at one middle school and two high schools for 9 years and got a master degree from a Christian university in Seoul as well as a school counselor certificate.

In 2002, he decided to challenge his life with another adventure, which many people didn’t understand ‘why’. He moved to Vancouver, Canada on October the 1st on the same year with his family: his wife Pearl and twin daughters, Dahae & Nahae. After 2 years of rough landing on the new world, he met the nice people in Langley and finally found his place to be.

He used to work for a commercial landscaping company and started his own landscaping business in 2007 after mastering shoveling and wheeling at the company. His hobby is reading books, especially about history, and his dream is to explore North America from Alaska to Florida and California to Newfoundland.

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